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TPSO inmates making strides for future


September 30, 2022

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Tim Soignet is pleased to announce that several current inmates of the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex completed the State of Louisiana based HiSET Program, through the Department of Corrections (DOC), to receive their High School equivalency diploma.

The program teachings were administered by Dy Chris Dehart, who serves as a certified teacher in the areas of study for the program. Additionally, Sgt. Kyra Hebert recently attended a training course through the DOC, and received her proctorship certification, to administer the program testing for Terrebonne Parish based offenders.

The following offenders have completed and passed the testing provided to achieve this great accomplishment:

Blake Dillard, Jeremy Foret, Tara Heigl, Brent Meads, and Wade Songe.

As a gesture of pride for their recent accomplishments, The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office sponsored a graduation ceremony, which was held at the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex, on Friday, September 23, 2022. The offenders were presented with their diplomas during the event.

Sheriff Tim Soignet said, “I am extremely proud of the efforts of these offenders, who decided to use this opportunity to take advantage of opportunities for personal growth. This is a great example of what can be accomplished when offenders make positive choices to better their lives, despite their current situation. The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office will always be here to help those that want to make progressive changes in their lives. My hope is that they use this program as a steppingstone to a better life upon their release.”



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