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Like virtually every community in this country, Terrebonne Parish is infected with the destructive influence of illegal drugs. Terrebonne's close proximity to larger cities, as well as its location on the Gulf of Mexico, contribute to the drug problem.

The Terrebonne Parish Narcotics Division wages a consistent and effective war against those who traffic in and supply others with illegal drugs, and has amassed an enviable record of arrests and seizures.

The Narcotics Division conducts covert street operations in problem areas and street level drug law violators. They also documents and investigates intelligence information concerning illegal drug activities as well as conduct reverse sting operations. These agents have the resources to conduct and oversee controlled covert purchases of illegal drugs utilizing undercover agents and/or confidential informants. They work with other agencies on the state and federal level in targeting drug law violators and keep updated in the trends of the illegal drug trade and drug laws. The Terrebonne Parish Narcotics Division is also the home of the K-9 Division.

The Deputies assigned to this division are specifically trained for the handling and maintaining of their K-9 partners. The K-9 of this division are whats known as dual purpose. They are trained to alert their handler if the presence of the odor of narcotics is in the vicinity. The dogs are able to track a fleeing fugitive and ultimately able to apprehend them for their handler. This adds a level of safety and security to our community.

Please click the above link if you have any valuable information regarding narcotic activity in your area. We want your info, not your name!

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