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The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office K-9 Division falls under the classification of the Narcotics Division. However these trained handlers and their partners cover a vast array of responsibility and service to the citizens of Terrebonne Parish. We have K-9 assigned to assist with patrol operations as well as within the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex.

The Deputies and K-9 assigned to the streets of Terrebonne Parish aid the Uniform Patrol division as well as another street operation with narcotic odor detection, suspect apprehension, as well as article and area searches. These K-9 are classified as "dual purpose" due to their apprehension and narcotics capabilities.

The added asset of the K-9 Division to the streets of Terrebonne Parish is second to none.

We also have K-9 assigned to TPCJC. These K-9 aid in the prevention and location of contraband entering the facility. These Deputies also conduct investigations within TPCJC.

The K-9 of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office have personalities of their own.

CLICK HERE to meet them (written by their handlers)!

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