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Handler- 1st LT. Seth Boudreaux

OTI was picked up at 6 months old just a week prior to his death date out of a Houston, TX animal shelter and donated to the Sheriffs Office by K-9 Officers INC . Oti is an acronym for Owner Turned In. He turned 3 years old on Nov 9, 2020 as he was trained in house by the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office. His breed is a mix between a Dutch Shepard and a Malinois . OTI is trained in dual purpose functions for patrol and narcotics which includes a wide aspect of task he is able to complete.


 At home he is non-stop (lot of puppy in him), but very playful but while at work or in the unit it quickly turns to always being on alert.  OTI loves to play tug no matter when or where along with constant barking. He can definitely be over the top at times, but I would not trade him for anything, he makes this job 100 percent better to know I have a partner that will not stop to protect me at all cost.


Handler- Cpl. Kyle Dunning

K-9 Grimm

Hey! What's up?!    What are you doing?! What you got?! Can I have it?! Wait what's that over there?! Oh I'm sorry, my name is Grimm! Im a 3 year old Belgian Malinois! I am SUUUPER EXCITED to meet you!!! My partner hates how much my mouth foams and slobbers everywhere when I get excited! Fun fact, apparently you're not supposed to bite power lines because you'll end up having smoke come from out of your feet like I when I was a puppy! Cool thing about that though, since then I'm full of energy 24/7, almost like a super power!!! The only side effect is, anything catches my attention

Wait!! Where are you going?! come back?!


Handler- Dy. Dillon Condetti

K-9 Jäger

Hi! My name is Jäger, no not like the liquor, but rather my name stands for Hunter in German (here’s a secret, I’m a German Shepherd). I am only 17 months old which makes me the youngest of the K-9s. My hobbies at home include aggravating my older brother Kane and chewing on anything I can get a hold of, which includes the siding on my partner's house and water spigots! When I’m at work I’m mostly quiet so I remind my partner that I’m in the vehicle by screaming as loud as possible anytime he’s about to do a traffic stop or is getting out of the unit! Thanks for reading, gotta go bark at the neighbor’s dog! 


Handler- Dy. George Davis

K-9 Hoss

My name is Hoss, you know like Hoss the Boss. Anyways being a K-9 runs in my family two of my older brothers recently retired. One from the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office, named Kane, and the other from Thibodaux Police Department, named Axel. My partner thinks I'm part kangaroo or something because I LOVE to randomly jump in the air but I swear I'm just a full blooded German Shepherd. My partner is my best friend, I follow him everywhere, unless the kids have food with them. I'm one of the new and younger K9s but I certainly know how to do my job. I have an exciting personality and love to speak, so don't be too scared when I start talking to you! By the way my handler thinks I am the best looking K-9 in the division, but we all know Jäger is.


Handler- Dy. Tyler Fitch

K-9 Karma

K-9 Karma is a 2 year old Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd mix. Karma has been certified through the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) in Narcotics Detection and Patrol work. Some of her training includes Criminal Apprehensions, Tracks, Building Searches, and Evidence Recovery. Karma is very driven and loves to be at work, but also enjoys relaxing at home with her handler and family. Being the only female K-9 of the division, she has to keep all the guy in line.

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