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TPSO names a new DARE Instructor


September 6, 2022

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Tim Soignet is very pleased to announce the transfer of Sara LaChico, current Sergeant with the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office, to her new position within the DARE program.

Sgt. LaChico is an 8-year veteran of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office. During her tenure, Sgt. LaChico began her employment by serving in the Communication Division for 6 years, before being transferred to the Warrants/Fugitive Division, where she remained for the last 2 years. Sgt. LaChico continues to increase her training, by participating in ride time with the TPSO Patrol Division, in addition to her regular job duties.

As a member of the DARE program, Sgt. LaChico will be responsible for educating our youth by teaching DARE based lesson plans within the schools of Terrebonne Parish. The topics addressed through the DARE program range from bullying, peer pressure, social media, stress, and use of alcohol and drugs, to refraining from violence. The most important component of the DARE program is to teach and create an environment where children learn to communicate their feelings to teachers, parents, and other leaders in their lives.

Sgt. LaChico said,” I think that education is the most important part in reducing our drug problem. Education about drugs and education on the accountability that enforcement will pursue having made the decision to use drugs. Education on the consequences and all the possibilities after those decisions are made. However, without enforcement there is no accountability to those actions.

On Friday, August 26, 2022, Sgt LaChico graduated in the 45th Class of the DARE Officer Training Program and is fully certified to start her new journey. During the graduation ceremonies, held in Baton Rouge, Sgt. LaChico received the Outstanding Student Award for excellent performance, teamwork, and spirit.

Sheriff Tim Soignet said, “Sgt. LaChico will be tasked with being not only a leader, but a role model to the children of our community. She has excelled at that during her time here, and I think she will be an asset to the children of our parish. She is the right person for the job.”



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