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TPSO arrest Houma men in Vehicle Burglary cases


April 21, 2023

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Tim Soignet announced the arrest of 2 men in a series of vehicle burglary investigations, in the Broadmoor and Lisa Park neighborhoods of Terrebonne Parish. Collin Tribe, 20, and Malik Williams, 20, both of Houma, have been charged with multiple vehicle burglaries in connection with the investigation.

Over the last several weeks, TPSO Deputies and Detectives began investigating a series of vehicle burglary complaints throughout the Broadmoor and Lisa Park neighborhoods in Terrebonne Parish. Through further investigation, Detectives learned that the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office (SMPSO) was actively investigating a series of similar cases, which led to the arrest of Collin Tribe, of Houma. TPSO Detectives began working closely with SMPSO Investigators and developed information and evidence linking Tribe and a second suspect, identified as Malik Williams, to the vehicle burglary cases in Terrebonne Parish. Additionally, the SMPSO was able to recover numerous items of evidence, including multiple firearms, which were linked to the Terrebonne cases.

TPSO Detectives then located Malik Williams, who was brought in for questioning. At the culmination of that interview, Malik Williams was arrested for 13 counts of Simple Burglary, as well as outstanding warrants for his involvement in the St. Mary Parish cases. Williams was transported to the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex, where he remains jailed on a $1,038,000 total bond by local judges.

TPSO Detectives have obtained arrest warrants for Collin Tribe for 11 counts of Simple Burglary, for his involvement in the Terrebonne cases. Tribe remains in custody in St. Mary parish, on additional charges.

TPSO Detectives are continuing to investigate and monitor additional vehicle burglary complaints that have occurred in Terrebonne Parish to determine if there is a connection.

Sheriff Tim Soignet applauds the outstanding work of TPSO Deputies and Detectives, as well as our local Public Safety partners. Sheriff Soignet said, “I couldn’t be prouder of our Patrol Division and Detectives. They have done an amazing job in dealing with the extensive number of victims in Terrebonne Parish, which was made possible by the outstanding work of the Investigators in St. Mary Parish. I would like to say thank you to the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office for their assistance with case, and this is another example of what can be accomplished when agencies work together.”




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