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National Telecommunicators Week

April 12, 2023

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Tim Soignet would like to acknowledge a tremendous amount of appreciation for the Dispatchers of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office, as the nation celebrates National Telecommunicators Week.

The second full week of April is set aside as a time to express our thanks and appreciation for Public Safety Dispatchers around the country. Those called to public service in this field, are often unnoticed and viewed as “behind the scenes”. That perception is all too common, until you have been on the other end of a telephone or radio during your darkest hour and witnessed firsthand the job of a Law Enforcement Dispatcher. If you are given that opportunity, you quickly realize the importance of the job, and to an officer or resident in distress, that voice can seem like your only lifeline to the outside world.

Telecommunication Officers/Dispatchers are expected to have the ability to focus on multiple detailed tasks, while typing information into a system for responding deputies, as they do their very best to reassure a distraught caller, who believes their world is collapsing around them in that moment. We often forget and underappreciate the amazing skill it takes to maintain one’s composure while directing units to traumatic and tragic events, which often involve our own families, friends, and communities.

The individuals behind the consoles represent the best of us. In times like these, it is even more important to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the lifesaving work of the heroes under the headset. You have accepted the challenge to serve our community, and have done so with diligence, dedication, and courageous fortitude. Your work and contribution to Terrebonne Parish does not go unnoticed!

We would like to take this special opportunity to recognize our special group of Dispatchers, who are as follows:

Lt. Ashleigh Dupre, Sgt. Miranda Madere, Cpl. Melissa Clement, Cpl. Shelly Jones, Cpl. Sylvia Phillips, Sr. Dy. Kelci Prestenbach, Sr. Dy. Denisse Wheeler, Sr. Dy. Kaycee Crochet, Dy. Larin Hebert, Dy. Lindsey Larpenter, Dy. Mary Cronier, Dy. Kelsie Foret, Dy. Kennady Summers, Dy. Leslie Neil, Dy. Tiffany Dubois, and Dy. Jessica Palmer.

Please join us in honoring our amazing Dispatchers!


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