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Gibson man arrested for Aggravated Kidnapping charges


December 16, 2022

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Tim Soignet announced the arrest of a Gibson man, in connection with a disturbance investigation, that occurred on December 11, 2022. Wayne J. Ponthieux, 55, of Gibson, was arrested for 2 counts of Aggravated Kidnapping and 1 count of Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property, stemming from the incident.

On December 11, 2022, shortly before 9pm, the Terrebonne parish Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division were called to an address in the 200 block of Marina Drive, in regard to a disturbance complaint involving a gun. As Deputies responded to the scene, they were made aware of a call received through our Dispatch Division from Ponthieux, who revealed that he was actively detaining two males, confiscated a weapon, and was allegedly towing a boat to Marina Drive.

When Deputies arrived, they immediately observed Ponthieux to be in control of a boat, which appeared to be towing a secondary vessel occupied by two male subjects. Deputies observed Ponthieux to be in possession of a firearm hanging from his neck, and a second firearm within the vessel occupied by Ponthieux. As the boats reached the dock, the male subjects exited a vessel, and Ponthieux was directed to remove his weapon and was immediately detained by Deputies. A search of Ponthieux’s person revealed a separate firearm found.

Deputies began their investigation by speaking with the male subjects and discovered that they were allegedly “frogging” in a local waterway, when Ponthieux used his boat to intentionally strike their vessel, before boarding and taking the engine keys, a firearm, and a tow rope. Ponthieux allegedly used the tow rope to secure the vessel to his boat. During the interaction, Ponthieux allegedly pointed a firearm at the male subjects several times, while making threats of bodily injury and death if they did not cooperate. Additional information revealed that Ponthieux then proceeded to pull the vessel to Marina Drive, against the will of the male subjects, who feared for their life as a result of the threats made by Ponthieux.

Deputies then spoke with Ponthieux, who provided information that he believed the male subjects to be poaching and trespassing on property, which he later admitted he did not own. Ponthieux did provide information confirming he took keys and a weapon from the male subjects but refused to acknowledge the items or the male subjects were taken by force. Further investigation confirmed that moderate damage was suffered to the vessel occupied by the male subjects, as a result of the altercation.

Deputies arrested Wayne J. Ponthieux on charges of 2 counts of Aggravated Kidnapping and 1 count of Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property, and he was transported to the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex. Ponthieux was later released on a $10,000 bond by local judges.

The identities of the male subjects determined to be victim’s in this case are not being released at this time.

This is an ongoing investigation, and additional details will be released as they become available.

Sheriff Tim Soignet would like to commend the quick response of the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, which directly affected the apprehension of Ponthieux, and overall safe resolution of this incident. “Our Patrol Division did an amazing job in this very unique and difficult situation and were able to bring an end to a potentially volatile situation.”




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