OffenderWatch SVN

TPSO partners with Safe Virtual Neighborhoods to aid

parents and children


Sheriff announces new tool for child safety

New technology available through a company under contract
with the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office can help parents
increase the margin of safety between their children and
registered sex offenders.
“Safe Virtual Neighborhoods” is a smartphone application
that alerts parents when a child is lingering near a place
where a registered sex offender lives or works. SVN is
offered through “Offender Watch,” the same company
that manages aspects of sex offender registration
programs in our parish and elsewhere in Louisiana.
The company offers the service at a cost of $9.95 per year,
which covers up to five phones in a single family.
Our agency does not share in any of the fees paid for the
service, although we do pay an annual assessment to
the company ourselves, to allow Terrebonne Parish residents
access to the functions, through our sex offender database.
Promotion of this system by us is being done in conjunction
with the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association.
Parents may download the program from their smart
phone’s application store, installing it on their own phone
and the phones of their children. The application does NOT
send any data about the child’s location to us or to the company.
It does send a notification to the parent’s phone when the child
is in the vicinity of a sex offender’s registered home or work
location, if the child lingers. The app only works with data
already in our system.
Parents may then speak with the child about the issue and
can of course notify law enforcement of any concerns
they may have.
Like any other electronic tools, Safe Virtual Neighborhoods
is not a substitute for proper supervision of children and good
parenting practices. It is also not a panacea for child safety
issues. However, if properly used, it can enhance good
practices a family already has in place.
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